Cf Card vs DiskOnChip

Ramya Ravichandran rrhsin at
Mon Jan 28 05:03:28 EST 2002

> When designing an embedded system it's important to
> start by looking at
> your application rather than by looking at what
> technologies you
> understand and kludging the design to make it all
> fit.
> I think someone needs to tell us what they actually
> need from a storage
> device, and then we can help them, rather than
> saying 'I need 128M of
> somethign exactly like a hard disc' which is clearly
> a specification
> derived from trying to make a desktop system
> embedded.

What we wnat is an application that takes about
100-120 MB disk storage space and 128MB memory
footprint on top of linux. This communicates with a
microcontroller which does some image procesing etc.
The criteria for doing image processing is input from
the user to the appln. on linux which inturn gives it
to the microcontroller. All this in a dusty industrial
environment.Amy I have ur sugesstions.

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