Space Loss in JFFS on an EST-SBC8260

Allen Curtis acurtis at
Thu Jan 24 21:23:30 EST 2002

We have the exact same problem. (We are using the MTD/JFFS with the HHL 2.0
Professional distribution) I retrieved a copy of the latest code from CVS
and posted a message earlier today asking how to insert this code into a HHL
source tree. Do you have an idea? Have you tried the latest version of the
code with the same results?

Any help would be appreciated.

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> Subject: Space Loss in JFFS on an EST-SBC8260
> We are using JFFS on EST-SBC8260. The problem we are facing now is that
> the space can't be reclaimed after files being deleted. So we are
> running out of space as shown by "du".
> Questions:
> (1)Is this a known problem? If so, is there a fix?
> (2)Could this contribute to another problem where the system becomes
>    very sluggish?
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