Nand flash: hang after erase

Thomas Gleixner gleixner at
Thu Jan 24 14:13:20 EST 2002

On Thursday, 24. January 2002 14:23, David Woodhouse wrote:
> eclarke at said:
> > I'm playing with nandtest on an mtd partition, and found it hangs
> > after it has erased the first block. Putting in some debug I find that
> > it gets as far as the schedule call in mtdchar.c mtd_ioctl line 324
> What is erase->state? If the erase attempt has completed, either
> successfully or otherwise, it should be one of the two values which
> prevents the call to schedule().

Hi !
I had the same problem some time ago. I sent my patches along with some 
rewrite for better support of different hardware to Steven Hill, who 
obviously maintains this nand stuff. I never got an answer.

The included diff is against kernel 2.4.17. 

The change in nand.c made NAND running. I have implemented JFFS and it works 
good (only mount time is a little bit ugly). I will try JFFS2 in the next 

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