MTD partitioning for AMD flash chips

Jörn Engel joern at
Thu Jan 24 05:45:55 EST 2002


> I am new the MTD mailing lists. I have two AM29LV641D( 4M X 16) flash
> chips connected to a 32 bit bus.(sector size is 128k). I  would like to
> partion this device so that I may mount a JFFS2 flash file system on one
> of the partitions and use the rest of the device for raw data.  I do see
> some examples to do this for some intel chips in drivers/mtd but I dont
> see anything for the AMD chips. Is the interface similar for the AMD
> chips?

You have two options:
1. Writing your own driver for this flash type, hardcoding the
partitioning. Try physmap first and hardcode the flash size, mapping
and pertitioning, once it works.

2. Using an existing one (physmap ought to work) and using one of the
existing partition parsers. The ones in the stock kernel are all
specific to a certain bootloader, I wrote an independent one but there
is no good howto for it (yet). See if you are interested.


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