[Slightly-OT] Hard to find flash chip ...

Karim Yaghmour karym at opersys.com
Mon Jan 21 16:04:28 EST 2002

I'm currently hacking an embedded system to put Linux on it and
need to replace the original boot ROM with a compatible flash chip.
I've found quite a few replacement candidates. All these chips are,
however, very hard to obtain in relatively small quantities from
distributors. The chip I need is a 16Mbit 90ns 3V 44-pin SOIC (or
SOP or PSOP, depending on how you want to call them) in top boot
configuration. This corresponds to the AM29LV160DT-90SC from AMD
and the M29W160BT-90M1 from ST, but there are many others.

Does anyone have any idea where I could find such chips in small
quantities (less than 5)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



                 Karim Yaghmour
               karym at opersys.com
      Embedded and Real-Time Linux Expert

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