experience with max block erase

Cam Mayor cmayor at iders.ca
Thu Jan 17 13:16:41 EST 2002

On Wednesday 16 January 2002 18:50, you wrote:
> "Each block can be independently erased 100,000 times"
> is this like the "food expiry date" ore "best before date" ?
> (sorry i dont know the right englisch word , but i think you undertstand it
> :) )

yes.  _statistically_ it should work at least the advertised number of times. 
 after that, it may work, but they won't guarantee it.  there is also a 
nonzero chance that they'll stop working or degrade before that time, much 
like that jar of mayonnaise i had in the refrigerator that my wife forbade me 
to eat anymore after she decided it was expired.


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