Problem with cfi_probe.c and Intel chip

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Fri Jan 11 15:27:36 EST 2002

Alice Hennessy <ahennessy at> writes:

> array
> mode (0xff) would be necessary before the query command so I'm not sure why
> my board is having problems.  Even if the bios has issued a command to the
> flash
> between power up and cfi_probe,  I don't think read array command is necessary
> between commands.
> If my board is the only Intel with a problem, then I need to investigate it
> further.

That would certainly be useful.  My real suspicion is that this code hasn't
been utilized all that much, and we are entering it's first real
stabalization phase.  Since all I did was comment out what looked like
redundant code, I actually think you are the second person to notice
this.   Personally I have deal with boot block type flash memory,
which may have different characteristics than other intel product lines.

Having a couple of people get a firm grasp on what things cause
problems, is probably needed right now.  So if you come up with
anything interesting I'd be glad to hear it.


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