Problem with cfi_probe.c and Intel chip

Jonas Holmberg jonas.holmberg at
Fri Jan 11 02:57:58 EST 2002

On Thu, 2002-01-10 at 23:47, David Woodhouse wrote:
> ahennessy at said:
> > I just tried the latest code  and discovered that the command used
> > before the query command  and also to return to read mode  in
> > cfi_probe.c  has been changed to 0xF0 - it used to be 0xFF .  The
> > board I'm testing on has an Intel strata chip and is not responding to
> > the query.  If I use 0xFF, then everything is fine.  AMD chips seems
> > to be happy with either command (
> I seem to recall someone complaining before, and having to change it. But 
> if so, I don't see why it only came in with the jedec-probe stuff. 
> Three options:
> 1. Change it to 0xFF and see if anyone screams.

I will! Toshiba 8MiB (TC58FVT641FT) won't leave autoselect mode if you
change that. Then amd_flash_probe (and jedec_probe I suppose) will not
be able to detect "mirrors" of previously found chips.


> 2. Make it send both 0xFF and 0xF0.
> 3. Make it work out what type of chip it's talking to and send the _right_ 
> 	command.
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