How to Sync properly ?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Jan 8 08:54:09 EST 2002

pallaire at said:
> I have been told :

> >>> [...] You have to write a complete 8-byte page at a time. You cannot
> write (for example 2 bytes of a page and then write the other 6-bytes
> later) - this hangs up the state machine. [...] <<<

> Is this true ? is there a work around to use properly ST flash ?
> because INTEL flash cost us the double ! 

I don't know - I haven't seen any information about these chips. It 
wouldn't surprise me. It's a shame it's 8 bytes not 4 - 4 would be fine for 
JFFS2. A page size of 8 bytes means you have to change the padding to 8 
bytes, or do the write-behind buffering that we're planning for NAND 
support anyway.


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