How to Sync properly ?

Patrick Allaire pallaire at
Mon Jan 7 13:29:18 EST 2002

Do you know any of the standard FS that will support sync ??

because for the moment the dirver for my ST falsh will only write 128k at a
time ... I would have to change my hardware to use Intel Flash, to be able
to use JFFS 1 or 2.

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> pallaire at said:
> >  Ok, I am using Minix FS ... to minimized space used by the 
> meta data
> > (short file name ...)
> > What would be the FS suggested to minimize space used ? 
> I'd be inclined to modify JFFS2 so that it aligns writes to 8 
> bytes and 
> doesn't mark nodes obsolete. It shouldn't be more more than a 
> one-liner for 
> each change, I believe. 
> You'll need to make sure your flash chip driver implements writev(). 
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