From 2.4.9 to CVS ???

Patrick Allaire pallaire at
Fri Jan 4 13:38:25 EST 2002

Hi again,

I have made a statically linked 'Busybox', now the kernel find the init
(since init is a symbolic link to busybox) ... it goes through my rc file
but it cannot execute dinamictly linked executable ???

at one point in my rc file I try to start a program and I receive :
Permission denied ??? I cennot look at any thing manualy because my embedded
device deos not have a keyboard !!! so if we have to look at something, I
need to redo a cramfs ... 

What have benn changed so that I cannot run dinamyc exe ??? with the same
cramfs (same exe / libs)

thank you

Patrick Allaire
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> pallaire at said:
> > I really dont understand ... I have a sh link in /bin ... but it is
> > not found by the kernel ... and my cramfs didnt changed a bit !!! 
> > in /bin, I have a link : sh -> busybox
> Is it statically linked?
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