eCos port JFFS2 for Compaq Ipaq

Dominic Jan Ostrowski dominic.ostrowski at
Fri Jan 4 11:20:19 EST 2002

Available from

eCos port of JFFS2 for Compaq Ipaq

This package is in an early stage of development and, although functional,
has siginificant limitations - particularly in regard to garbage collection.

This package has only been tested on the Compaq Ipaq.

Currently, it is passing through the eCos test code for ram (building an fs
image from scratch) and the test for romfs (using a JFFS2 image built under
Linux - included in the support directory). It has primitive inode caching
(which could be worth extending). However just-in-time garbage collection is

Please look carefully at the readme.txt before trying out this package.
Minor modifications to eCos flash drivers are required, examples are
included in the package.

As this package is capable of modifying flash content, extreme care should
be taken to ensure that flash code areas are not corrupted. Any usage is
entirely at your own risk.

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