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Sheela Kashyap sheela_kashyap at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 13:57:39 EST 2002

The utilities had already been downloaded by someone else. I am not
sure where they got the package from. I will download the mtd-utils
package again and build the image. 

The 'Id' string in the mkfs.jffs.c file is as follows:

$Id: mkfs.jffs.c,v 1.11 2001/03/11 11:44:42 dwmw2 Exp $


--- David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org> wrote:
> sheela_kashyap at yahoo.com said:
> > Hmm... I will try mkfs.jffs again in that case.  
> If it fails, can you cut down the directory tree you're putting
> into the
> JFFS image to the smallest testcase that shows the problem (like
> the /dev
> directory and a single device node), then send me both a tarball
> and the
> JFFS image of it?
> Where did you get your mkfs.jffs from? 
> --
> dwmw2

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