mtd/jffs2 sync flash problem

invictus rm invictus_rm at
Mon Dec 30 08:53:16 EST 2002

   Has anybody on the list successfully tried intel synchronous flash 
28F256K3 with mtd/jffs2 ??
  I have upgraded the flash from 32MB( 28F128J3A) to 64MB(28F256K3) but the 
flash algorithm which was working earlier seems to have been broken.

Erase operation on the flash works fine but programming fails(although WE# 
is getting asserted). The flash data changes from FF to 00 on programming 
the flash.
On checking the status register , the value was 0x80(10000000) , which 
indicated no programming errors.

I am unlocking the entire flash before doing any write to the flash(becoz 
after reset the entire flash is locked).

Any help will be highly appreciated


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