Hello there I have a question about your motorcycle ad

Aaron Hackbarth hacksbiz2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 13 23:18:12 EST 2002


     I am responding to your ad you placed at www.motorcycle.com.    My
question is do you get any responses from this 
site??      I was just wondering because I was thinking of selling my
motorcycle here...because I am now going to buy a 
better bike.....

You see I have found a way that i get paid while I ride my Bike...I love
it, and I am a part of history doing it...
....I encourage you to take a look at my business I welcome your
opinion..it is a 90 second flash movie..maybe you want to 
get paid while you ride too...


if you enter your name and E-mail the site will show you more, and if you
enter your number then I can call you and answer 
any questions you may have...Until then I appreciate any input as the
effectiveness of this motorcycle site...



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