bbram access problems

Geoffroy Stevenne geof at
Fri Dec 13 08:35:00 EST 2002

Le Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:40:43 +0100
Thomas Gleixner <tglx at> a écrit:

> from slram.c
>   With slram it's only possible to map a contigous memory region. 
> So you can't access it with slram, as the BBSRAM is a device with
> paged access. All you have to do, is copy slram.c to bbram.c and add
> an additional parameter, which tells the driver the number of
> pages.available. Then modify the erase / read / write functions to do
> the page selection depending on the address you have to access. 
> If you think this is out of your league, then hope, that somebody does
> this for you sometimes, or ask one of the experts to help you for a
> little fee immidiately :)

Thanks to all! We will code... but I still can't figure how to prevent
other processes to access this memory area.  IANAE on memory locking and
stuff like that, nor in kernel programming in general.

I'll learn :-)


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