Linux installation on DOC / problems / I need your help

Alejandro O. Gonzalez aogonzalez at
Fri Dec 13 08:12:46 EST 2002

I rebuild the kernel. Then I made this

1- run the driver
#modprobe doc2000
#modprobe docprobe

2- format the memory
#nftl_format /dev/mtd0 0 16777216

3- run nftl
#modprobe nftl

4- make a partition
#fdisk /dev/nftla
I make two partition first DOS, and second Linux.

5- make filesystem
#mkfs.msdos /dev/nftla1
#mke2fs /dev/nftla2

6-Install syslinux
#syslinux /dev/nftla1

7-configure boot and reboot

I don´t know if this procedure is correct, but when reboot the bios not
found a valid boot device.
When I format all memory with nftl_format command I delete the TrueFFS bios
of MSYS. This is Ok ?

I try then to overwrite the TrueFFS bios driver


but display an error, can´t write the bios.

I do so that the bios recognize the DOC like a valid device of boot.

I try also to format with MSYS utility, then create a 2MB of DOS partition.
Boot with linux and format the last 14 MB of memory with
nftl_format. But when startup nftl driver says "we don´t support
UnitSizeFactor!=1" and it is not possible to work with a nftl partition.
I will appreciate any commentary, thank you for your time.
Alejandro Gonzalez

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