need arguments to use JFFS2

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Dec 6 05:34:15 EST 2002

Dear Chantara,

in message <049e01c29d0f$b3c52ff0$221faf9d at> you wrote:
> In the web, I am not sure to see an article which clearly express the
> advantage of JFFS2.

It makes little  sense  to  dicuss  "advantages"  without  specifying

> Please could someone give me some arguments to use JFFS2 instead of all
> others Flash FS such as CRAMFS ?

One significant advantage is that JFFS2 provides a  _writable_  flash
filesystem,  while cramfs is read-only. But as stated before: this is
an advantage only when you need a writable filesystem.

> One of the reason could it be in the Flash management : optimization ?


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