Problem: 51MB partition max size on jffs2

Dave Ellis DGE at
Wed Dec 4 13:44:54 EST 2002

On Wednesday 04 December 2002 17:54, Ken Offer wrote:
> I've got a Toshiba 128MB Smart Card in my embedded system and I wrote a 
> custom nand driver to support it.  I have discovered that I cannot 
> mount a jffs2 partition larger than 51MB on the card (so at this point 
> I have two 51MB partitions and 1 26MB partition).  Trying to mount a 
> larger partition yields a less than helpful error message from mount.  

I had the same problem a few weeks ago, and this patch seems
to solve it:

--- dist/fs/jffs2/build.c	Mon Sep  9 12:29:08 2002
+++ curr/fs/jffs2/build.c	Mon Nov 18 14:18:29 2002
@@ -211,7 +211,8 @@
 	c->free_size = c->flash_size;
 	c->nr_blocks = c->flash_size / c->sector_size;
-	c->blocks = kmalloc(sizeof(struct jffs2_eraseblock) * c->nr_blocks,
+	/* kmalloc fails for large NAND since can't get more than 128K */
+	c->blocks = vmalloc(sizeof(struct jffs2_eraseblock) * c->nr_blocks);
 	if (!c->blocks)
 		return -ENOMEM;
 	for (i=0; i<c->nr_blocks; i++) {

kmalloc() is limited to 128K and the 128MB Flash needs more than twice that,

so I tried vmalloc() and it seems to be OK (at least with PPC 2.4.18 
patched for the new MTD code). Does anyone know if this change is safe?


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