Problem: 51MB partition max size on jffs2

Ken Offer koffer at
Wed Dec 4 11:54:06 EST 2002

Hello all,

I've run into a strange problem and I wonder if any of you have seen 
this and perhaps understand it better.

I've got a Toshiba 128MB Smart Card in my embedded system and I wrote a 
custom nand driver to support it.  I have discovered that I cannot 
mount a jffs2 partition larger than 51MB on the card (so at this point 
I have two 51MB partitions and 1 26MB partition).  Trying to mount a 
larger partition yields a less than helpful error message from mount.  
I've tried adding printk statements to the jffs2 code, but none of them 
get hit during the errant mount process.

So... is 51MB a valid jffs2 limitation?  If so, why?

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