Question about protection registers in intel strataflash

Stefan Thomasson stefan.thomasson at
Wed Dec 4 08:52:02 EST 2002


The calculation of ofs_factor does not seem to be
correct, at least not for the setup I'm using,
One 28F128j3a in word mode.

ofs_factor = cfi->interleave * cfi->device_type;
interleave is 1 (1 chip) and device_type is 2 (16 bit)

Which will lead to reads from 2*(ProtRegAddr+1) in
my case 0x202 but I know its located at 0x102.

Is the ProtRegAddr supposed to be a byte address
which need to be multiplied or is it a word address?
In 28f128j3a manual tables 20 and 21 it looks like
the same address should be used.

So I think only the cfi->interleave should be used.

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