Newbie question

Brian Waite waite at
Mon Dec 2 13:23:28 EST 2002

I am very new to the MTD world and I had a quick question that may rank in the 
RTFM land, but I am doing that and not finding an answer. I have a board that 
has 2-2x16 128 Mbit Intel StrataFLASHes side by side that I want to run with 
the MTD layer. It looks like the cfi_cmdset_001.c will work except I have to 
issue commands to both FLASH chips at the same time. Has anyone implimented 
something like this? Is there some documentation other than the infradead 
site? As long as this is up to date I am happy, but I wasn't convinced it is 
fully up-to-date. I am coming the archives so even a quick subject line 
pointer would be great. 
Brian Waite

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