JFFS2 - ECC errors with NAND flash

Srinivasu.Vaduguri at nokia.com Srinivasu.Vaduguri at nokia.com
Mon Dec 2 11:00:44 EST 2002


I am trying to mount JFFS2 on MTD driver which uses NAND flash. I am using the latest MTD snapshot (mtd-snapshot-20020731.tar.bz2).

I erased the flash before mounting. The mounting, creating files is successful. But when i try deleting the file i get 
nand_read_ecc() : Failed ECC read.
I get the same thing when i try copying a bigger file also.

I have one more doubt. If the ECC is not calculated for smaller number of bytes when writing, then how will the read operation be succesful,  which calculates the ECC for entire page?

Thanx in advance,


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