Kernel removing directories

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Apr 30 03:41:44 EDT 2002

mshah at said:
> My mistake David. That was Jffs2 debug set to 2, that is why it took
> hours.

OK. It's probably best not to send logs that large to the list; just to be 
would have been better.

> Nonetheless, I attached the serial output of jffs2debug set to 1... so
>  you can take a look at it. I copied/pasted the relevant parts at the
> end.

> The inode #7 seems to be causing problems. You can find the relevant
> sections from the attached file by finding the following quotes. As
> you  see inode #7 has important children :) (i.e. "mv", "ps",  /etc/
> init.d/rc&). I can boot from nfs & mount the /dev/mtdblock/0 no
> problem after another reboot. 

There's no directory entry for inode #7. How did the JFFS2 file system get 
there? Could there be some missing somehow?


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