Kernel removing directories

Murtada Shah mshah at
Mon Apr 29 17:46:09 EDT 2002

When I set jffs2 debug level to 1... and default_console_loglevel to 
9...  I get output for an extremely long time. Is this normal? I've been 
waiting for about 3 hours now and it's still not done. Normally it takes 
several seconds to load the filesystems.

Right now it's at the stage of:

adding node 6b000-6bfff @0x00785628 on flash, newfrag *c0ec4680
j_a_f_d_t_f: skipping frag 0x0000-0x1000;......
.. and many lines of j_a_f_d_t_f and then a "adding node..." again for 
the next hex addresses...

Should I continue with this? MTD debug level is set to 3


David Woodhouse wrote:

>mshah at said:
>>There is nothing displayed before it... Even with debug set to 2 Just
>>"Netwinder Floating Point Emulator"..
>Can you set DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL in kernel/printk.c to 9 and try again? 
>You'll want to use a serial console with _logging_.

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