compile error - kernel 2.4.17 +

Pierre Ficheux pierre.ficheux at
Mon Apr 29 03:49:27 EDT 2002

Frederick Lefebvre wrote:
> The utility replaces compatmac.h which is included from mtd.h
> and then from fs/jffs2/background.c . The problem is that compatmac.h
> redefines recalc_sigpending(struct task_struct *t) with
> ecalc_sigpending(void) which is used by fs/jffs2/background.c .  The
> consequence is that the jffs2 driver does not compile anymore.  Am I
> missing something or is that a bug?

	I got the same error as I got the last CVS yesterday. Of course I have
changed the 2 calls in background.c and it works fine. Is it an
'official' bug? Are we missing anything?


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