Flash device IDs

Andries.Brouwer at cwi.nl Andries.Brouwer at cwi.nl
Tue Apr 23 10:04:01 EDT 2002

    From: David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org>

    >  No, I am afraid this thing doesn't let me talk to raw flash, or if it
    > does, I have not yet discovered how.

    Ok... so when you issue write commands, you're pretending it's a normal
    SCSI hard drive and issuing requests with the _logical_ block numbers?
    You don't have to grok the SmartMedia format and issue _physical_
    addresses on the flash, handle ECC, the block chains, etc.?

It is worse. The commands are SCSI-like, but vendor-unique.
So one has to discover the commands and the details of the
media format. I wrote an ECC routine, and do something more
or less random for the connection between logical and physical blocks.
If you have ECC and LBA/PBA handling, then there is more to merge.

[Things are not quite straightforward. I think the media uses
512+16 byte sectors, but my SCSI commands must use 512+64 byte
sectors.][Of course 512 and 16 are variables. Don't know about 64.]


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