unresolved symbols in kernel (jffs2.o from CVS)

Tino Keitel tino.keitel at innominate.com
Wed Apr 17 10:52:59 EDT 2002

On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 10:24:54 -0400, Andrew Dixon wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm trying to compile the latest jffs2 stuff with my 2.4.16 Linux
> kernel.  I'm trying to keep the jffs2 source separate from Linux (who
> wants to track Linux with CVS?) so I'm compiling jffs2 as a modules and
> then insmoding jffs2.o.  I've symlinked linux/fs/jffs2 to mtd/fs/jffs2
> and I've also linked some files from linux/include/linux to
> mtd/include/linux.  I can now do a:
> 	#make modules
> and get a jffs2.o module which I can insmod into my kernel.  The problem
> is that now I get a list of unresolved kernel symbols:
> 	root at wombat7:~#insmod ./jffs2.o 
> 	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_inflate
> 	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_inflate_workspacesize
> 	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_deflate_workspacesize
> 	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_inflateInit_
> 	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_deflate
> 	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_inflateEnd
> 	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_deflateInit_
> 	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_deflateEnd
> 	root at wombat7:~#grep zlib /proc/ksyms 
> 	root at wombat7:~#

The current CVS of JFFS2 uses the shared zlib that is part of the
2.4.19-preX-acY kernel. There is a patch to provide the shared zlib for older
kernels but it seems like JFFS2 also needs other portions of the new
kernels. I tried it with 2.4.18 and it doesn't work.


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