unresolved symbols in kernel (jffs2.o from CVS)

Andrew Dixon andrew.dixon at seranoa.com
Wed Apr 17 10:24:54 EDT 2002

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to compile the latest jffs2 stuff with my 2.4.16 Linux
kernel.  I'm trying to keep the jffs2 source separate from Linux (who
wants to track Linux with CVS?) so I'm compiling jffs2 as a modules and
then insmoding jffs2.o.  I've symlinked linux/fs/jffs2 to mtd/fs/jffs2
and I've also linked some files from linux/include/linux to
mtd/include/linux.  I can now do a:
	#make modules
and get a jffs2.o module which I can insmod into my kernel.  The problem
is that now I get a list of unresolved kernel symbols:

	root at wombat7:~#insmod ./jffs2.o 
	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_inflate
	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_inflate_workspacesize
	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_deflate_workspacesize
	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_inflateInit_
	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_deflate
	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_inflateEnd
	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_deflateInit_
	./jffs2.o: unresolved symbol zlib_deflateEnd
	root at wombat7:~#grep zlib /proc/ksyms 
	root at wombat7:~#

I have made a jffs2.o module from the Linux 2.4.16 source and I do not
get these unresolved symbols.  Has the zlib stuff moved out of jffs2.o
or something?  I think I remember reading something along these lines on
the list.

Anyway, any help that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Dixon
Software Engineer
Seranoa Networks
978.897.3434 x231

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