MTD erase problem

Sanjay Kumar sankumar73 at
Fri Apr 12 08:31:04 EDT 2002

I am using two amd flash Am29DL323D of 4MB size each.
Each of the amd flash have two regions, i.e the first starting
8 sector is of 8K size each and the remaining sectors is of size 64KB each.
My flash organisation is shown below -
|         |<--   First flash starts at 0xbf800000
|4MB      |
|         |
|         |
|         |
|         | <-- Second flash starts at 0xbfc00000
|         |    
|         |     
|         |
| 4MB     |

Now I am using physmap.c file and assigning WINDOW_ADDR to 0xbf800000 and 
WINDOW_SIZE to 0x800000(8MB) in the mapping information. 
In init_physmap(), it calls the do_cfi_probe to probe the flashes and 
calls add_mtd_device() to add this as MTD device.

Now I am using the character device(crwxr--r--   1 root     root      90,   0 Mar 27  2002 

mtd0) for erase any block at a particular block offset.

It is working fine except for the starting sectors of the second flash(first 64KB, having
8 sectors of 8KB each). If I make use of "ioctl" for erasing the these sectors, it can
erase the first 8KB sector but it returns error in case of other remaining 7 secors
(8KB size each). As a result I am unable to erase the flash completely.

Do I need to look into cfi_cmdset_0002.c and change it to make it working?

Thanks & Regards,

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