bad block recovery

Sulung Chang sulung at
Sat Apr 6 00:05:35 EST 2002

Sorry to bother you all,

	Stephen seems like I've the same problem that you have , I'm already tried using nftl_format , and about the verifying things
	I've get rid of it, but I got a new ERROR Message :
	" Invalid ioctl 80404d01 ( MEMGETINFO = 80204d01)
	   ioctl ( MEMGETINFO): Invalid argument "

	I'm using  DoC Millenium 8MB with M-Sys PCI Eval Board, kernel 2.4.5 

	The BIOS and kernel can't detect DoCMillenium on boot, before I'm using erase_all or nftl_format ( I forget ) , it detects Ok.
	I'm appreciate your help, thanks.


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> sbardsley at said:
> >  I took a quick look at the code and see that meminfo.erasesize is
> > used to scale various values.  I don't see why 8Kb is a limit.  I have
> > found that my chip's erase size to be 16Kb; is there any way for me to
> > use nftl_format? If necessary, I don't mind modifying the code, but I
> > don't want to screw it up.  Any hints? 
> You _ought_ to be able to just remove that check, if you first verify that 
> we'll do the right thing through the rest of the code rather than using a 
> hardcoded 8KiB. I put the check in just because I'd never tested the larger 
> erase size.

I don't know a great deal about this stuff, but the code seems to want to do
the "right thing".  So I removed the 8Kb check, and ntfl_format is running as
I write this; so far so good.

BTW -- It might be good to add a note to the FAQ regarding nftl_format and
driver debug options.  Debugging causes the format to crawl.  On my hardware
it is the difference between 20 minutes (without debug) and 4 hours (with debug)
(estimated times).

Thanks again.


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