JFFS2 with NAND flash

Thomas Gleixner gleixner at autronix.de
Thu Apr 4 12:21:00 EST 2002

On Thursday, 4. April 2002 17:11, John Hall wrote:
> On 03 April 2002 15:16, I wrote
> Using nanddump I've found that this is because I have some bad blocks on
> the Smartmedia card I'm testing with. After an erase the block mentioned
> above is stuck at c0c0.
> Is there a utility around that will go through and test blocks, marking
> bad ones as bad using the bad block flag in the oob? If not, would it be
> useful to others if I wrote one?

The bad blocks should not be erased, if you have selected NAND_ECC_JFFS2 (oob 
layout for JFFS2). JFFS2 will mark this block bad, if erase of this block 

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