how to use amd_flash.c

Steve Tsai startec at
Thu Apr 4 02:41:31 EST 2002

Hi Jonas,

Thanks. I know how to add codes to amd_flash.c, but I can not make kernel
run amd_flash_probe(). I used jffs1 and flash.c on my board from AXIS before
and it works fine. Now I want ot port uClinux 2.4.17 to my board and I plan
to use jffs2 and mtd, but I found it is more complicated.  The flash I use
is not CFI compliance, so I am not sure I can use jedec_probe + CFI-driver.
I modified amd_flash.c already, but the kernal can not probe the flash at
start time. Should I call do_map_probe in somewhere to find out the flash?


> On Thu, 2002-04-04 at 09:07, Steve Tsai wrote:
> > I'd want to use mtd and jffs2 in our ARM7  board.  The flash is
> > and it is similar to am29LV160, but it does not support CFI. How many
> > do I to modify or add to mtd tree? It seems I can modify amd_flash.c to
> > my flash, but I can not probe the chip at booting time. Does anyone know
> > to use amd_flash.c? thanks.
> You need to find out the manufacturer ID and device ID for your chip. It
> can usually be found in some datasheet at the manufacurer's site. Then
> add an element to the amd_flash_info table[] in amd_flash_probe().
> But the amd_flash driver is obsolete and you should use jedec_probe
> instead. It works about the same way as amd_flash_probe. The only thing
> that amd_flash does better than jedec_probe + CFI-driver is that it
> handles different types of chips in the same map. But with the new MTD
> concat layer you don't need to use amd_flash in that case either.
> /Jonas
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