2.5.7{,-rmk1}: jffs2 on root patch

Christopher Hoover ch at hpl.hp.com
Tue Apr 2 16:28:19 EST 2002

2.5.7-rmk1 (and apparently any 2.5.7 kernel, hence the cross-posting)
requires the following patch, if you wish to use a jffs2 file system
as your root.  Without the patch, mount_block_root() won't attempt to
use jffs2.


mailto:ch at murgatroid.com
mailto:ch at hpl.hp.com

--- linux-2.5.7-rmk1/fs/jffs2/super.c	Mon Apr  1 13:25:41 2002
+++ linux-2.5.7-rmk1-ch1/fs/jffs2/super.c	Tue Apr  2 13:20:01 2002
@@ -300,7 +300,8 @@ static struct file_system_type jffs2_fs_
 	owner:		THIS_MODULE,
 	name:		"jffs2",
 	get_sb:		jffs2_get_sb,
-	kill_sb:	generic_shutdown_super
+	kill_sb:	generic_shutdown_super,
+	fs_flags:	FS_REQUIRES_DEV,

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