problems with 28F320B still

Larry Doolittle ldoolitt at
Tue Sep 25 17:25:49 EDT 2001

David -

> [the 28F320B3] is not a CFI chip. Why is cfi_probe claiming to
> recognise it? The CFI structure you quoted is obviously wrong. 

I can't tell you why it was recognized, but the probe was
triggered by the line in drivers/mtd/maps/physmap.c :

	mymtd = do_map_probe("cfi_probe", &physmap_map);

I added a coupla printk's, and find it entered cfi_probe_chip with
cfi->device_type==2.  The line in the logfile
   Physically mapped flash: Found 1 x16 devices at 0x0 in 16-bit mode
came from the first of two cfi_probe_chip_1() calls within cfi_probe_chip(),
which returned index == 0.

I'll happily apply patches and help debug, but I'm not terribly
familiar with this corner of the Linux kernel, so suggestions
and comments will be greatly appreciated.

    - Larry

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