nftl driver

Nikolai Vladychevski niko at
Sat Sep 22 12:09:58 EDT 2001


I have a problem, when I try to use nftla device zeros are wroten: 

dd if=/tmp/romfile of=/dev/nftla 

reports that the data was written ok,but when I do hexdump against 
/dev/nftla it has zeros. 

I use nftla_format before doing dd ,and I do not unload nftl driver (as the 
HOWTO suggests) because it is not compiled as module, it is included into 
the kernel. Actualy I use /dev/nftla for booting only and loading 
applications into a ramdisk, after that I do not access /dev/nftla anymore. 
The problem begins when I want to upgrade my software that is located on 
that device, and have to nftl_format again. If this problem of writing zeros 
is due to the module unloading problem, how can I solve it if the driver is 
in the kernel and cant be reloaded? 



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