Can't get Linux on SSTI DOC

Gerald Walden thepond at
Tue Sep 18 20:53:46 EDT 2001


I have an 8MB Disk-On-Chip Device made by SSTI.  From what I
am told I do not need any special drivers to use this from

However - even before I get to that stage - I cannot even
get the DOC to event try to boot linux.

I followed all the step one would normally take to make a
bootable Hard Drive, and I keep getting the error "Invalid
or Damaged Bootable partition".


1) I made a filesystem for the device.

2) Then I Fdisk'ed the device, setting the one and only
partition to be bootable.

2) Then I formatted the device (and hence the entire
partition) as ext2.

3) and then I mounted the device as a secondary IDE device
on my Linux Box as ext2.

4) I copied the filesystem files to the device.

5) I ran LILO with a configuration file that pointed to the
appropriate locations on my device.  In verbose mode it
looked like everything went okay.

When I try to boot from the device as a master I get the

"Invalid or Damaged Bootable partition".

Does anyone have any ideas?

Please respond to this email address (thepond at
'cause I am only receiving a daily digest.

Kindest Regards,


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