Flash writings limit?

Jose Rodríguez Argente jradc at tid.es
Mon Sep 17 09:15:31 EDT 2001

David Woodhouse wrote:

> jradc at tid.es said:
>>     Is it harmful to the flash memory if the whole filesystem tree in
>> linux is intalled on flash (including /tmp /var and other directories
>> with a high rate of writing operations) ? I have Strata Flash with
>> JFFS2  installed.
> It depends how much you actually write to those directories, but yes - it's 
> advisable to put them elsewhere. The iPAQ uses ramfs for /tmp and some of 
> the subdirectories of /var - that seems like a sensible plan.
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Thanks a lot. How do you set this ram partitions at boot time? I am 
considering two options:

1) Have a compressed image in flash and load it with a loader in RAM
2) Execute a script in init to set the ramdisks partitions

   Which one do you think is best?

   Thanks a lot again

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