duplicate DoC millenium with dd

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Tue Sep 11 18:00:24 EDT 2001

niko at isl.net.mx said:
>  yes, this is the problem... right now I'm leaving 1 Meg for the
> linuxBIOS  and kernel and right now there is left as little as 40 K
> bytes free space of  that meg. 

Use modules?

>  If I update the  software on the chip once a week (it's an automatic
> update via remote  server), will it survive for 2 years without
> errors, for example ?  

It doesn't degrade over time. Using it the first time may lose the 
bad-block information which is put on it by the NAND flash chip 
manufacturer (Toshiba or Samsung, not M-Systems). After that there's no 

>  Wow! that sounds cool! I have to try it, but would linuxBIOS conflict
> with  it?  

No, should be fine. You could have it appear as three MTD devices - one for 
LinuxBIOS, one for the kernel, and one for cramfs.

Using cramfs directly on the NAND flash gives you no error correction and 
no facility to work around bad blocks. I wouldn't wan to do it like that in 
production, although in practice it'll work unless you have a chip with bad 


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