duplicate DoC millenium with dd

Nikolai Vladychevski niko at isl.net.mx
Tue Sep 11 16:13:45 EDT 2001

David Woodhouse writes: 

> niko at isl.net.mx said:
>>  for some reason I can not duplicate Disc on chip Millenium (8MB) with
>> dd command. I can build it using dd, fdisk, nftla_format, erase....
>> etc, but  not only dd.  
> The DiskOnChip uses NAND flash, which has 'out of band' data areas. A 
> simple dd won't read or write them. Neither would it be sensible to use the 
> nanddump and nandwrite utilities for doing so, although they can - you want 
> to reformat each device individually, with its own bad block map, not the 
> bad block map of your master.

ohh, so bad.... I will have to nftl_format every time I update my flash.... 

> nftl_format, mkfs and tar or dump/restore are sensible. 
> What are you partitioning it for, btw?

It's a firewall. I place linuxbios & kernel first, then I nftl_format 
/dev/mtd0 0xFIRST_FREE_BLOCK and place a minimal filesystem (cramfs) on the 
rest of the chip..... since you say nftl_format removes original badblocks 
table M-Systems put on the chip at fabrication time, I kinda dislike this 

is there any way to avoid nftl_format and boot my cramfs from /dev/mtdblockX 
or /dev/mtd0 with an 0xXXXX offset or something like this? 


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