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Chris Lesiak clesiak at
Mon Sep 10 13:55:28 EDT 2001

I also have two banks mapped contiguously into virtual memory that I would
like to be seen as one.

The problem is that RedBoot (and ECOS) seems to only support one flash
logical device.  I wrote an ECOS flash driver that treated both banks as a
single large logical device.  RedBoot stores its partition table in the last
block of the device.  So in my case, a single partition table is store in the
erase block of the second bank but partitions the space of both banks.

When I get to the linux, mtd seems to expect a partition table for each bank.

What is the best way to reconcile the problem?
Can linux also easily see both banks as a single device that can be partitioned?

Chris Lesiak
clesiak at

If the addressing between two Flash devices remains linear with no gaps,
can they be part of the same mtd[n] partition, or must the next chip be

I have two 32-bit Flash devices (or so I'm told). Since this is a MIPS
application the
reset vector is 0xBFC00000. The Flash devices are 0xBE000000-BEFFFFFF and
0xBF000000-BFFFFFFF, so I have 4Megs at the top of the second device, with
first device and lower 12Megs of the second giving me 28Megs of linear Flash


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