JFFS2 NAND support?

Fry, Dan dfry at bb.directv.com
Thu Sep 6 12:15:03 EDT 2001

Newbie Questions:

I'm currently working on a project that is switching from Intel Strata Flash
to a Toshiba TC58V64AFT part.  I've been using JFFS2 on the Intel and wanted
to continue on the Toshiba part.  Is anyone working on provisioning JFFS2
with NAND support?   

If no one is currently working on this could someone explain what's involved
in getting JFFS2 to function with a raw NAND flash?

Also what's the best strategy for handling bad blocks in MTD.  Should NFTL
be modified to eliminate its current dependency on DiskOnChip ECC hardware?
If not what's the best course of action? 


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