MTD in kernel 2.4.9

Jarkko Lavinen jlavi at
Thu Sep 6 02:29:02 EDT 2001

>> of mtd/jffs2 working with kernel 2.4.9?
> It generally ought to work, although I'm not building JFFS2 against
> 2.4.9 so I haven't merged the complete_and_exit() fix yet. Other than that, 

The complete_and_exit() problem I experienced was fixed in the 2.4.9 AC 
kernel by adding the wait queue head initialization just before forking the 
GC thread in jffs2_start_garbage_collect_thread(). That fixed the crashing
GC thread problem in unmount.

I haven't tried copying mtd CVS files over Linus kernels but on current
AC kernels straight copying won't work. At least it will complain about
missing up_and_exit().

Jarkko Lavinen

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