MTD in kernel 2.4.9

Thomas Eschenbacher Thomas.Eschenbacher at
Wed Sep 5 16:45:57 EDT 2001

Hi there,

just a newbie question: is there a way to get the current cvs version of
mtd/jffs2 working with kernel 2.4.9?

I can't find any patch for current kernels and if I just spread all the
files/dirs into their destination in the kernel source I can no longer
compile and earn hundreds of error messages.

I'd like to use JFFS2 and I have to boot from it, so compiling separate
from the kernel and making modules is not possible.

Is it possible to use the current JFFS2 with the 2.4.9's mtd drivers -
or let's say: is that mtd stuff in 2.4.9 "new enough" ?

Thomas Eschenbacher                           Thomas.Eschenbacher at

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