JFFS2 on 8MB Flash-Chip conneted to MPC850 works extremly slo w:(

Jonas Holmberg jonas.holmberg at axis.com
Wed Sep 5 06:01:32 EDT 2001

> If the mount time is OK for you, yes. Otherwise you'd want 
> checkpointing 
> implemented first. 

My partition is fairly small so the mount time is OK right now, but I will
also be using a larger partition (about 3MB) later. Is anybody working on this
checkpointing thing? Could you explain the concept briefly? 

> Note that I actually made it obey 'readonly' quite recently. 
> Until a month 
> or so ago, it was still starting the GC thread when it was 
> supposed to be 
> RO.

It has worked fine for me this far.

Is it possible to "hide" a bootloader at the beginning of a jffs2 partition
so that jffs2 ignores it (when mounting read-only) and still be able to upgrade
the whole partition (bootloader + jffs2 fs) using the mtd character device?


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