lilo and mtd ans doc

Patrick Allaire pallaire at
Tue Sep 4 09:43:57 EDT 2001

I have tried what you have told me but it does not seem to change a thing
!!! The systems is still hanging on "Kernel panic : VFS: Unable to mount
root fs on 03:05" !!!!!!!!!

Where does it find the information to search 03:05 to boot ? I did compile
the kernel on /dev/hda5 !!! Is there a place in the kernel config where I
could specify the boot device ? Is this information stored in boot.b-mtd (I
dont think so) ? In the /boot/map ??? the last one is generated by lilo ? no
? so it should not contain /dev/hda5 information since I run lilo-mtd from a
floppy the HD was removed !

I have added those two lines to my lilo.conf :


Then I have tried what you told me. When I boot ... I write :

lilo: s append="root=/dev/nftla1"

For your question about why I am using /dev/nftla1 instead of /dev/nftla ...
its because on our final product we will have multiple partitions.

Thank you !

Patrick Allaire
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> pallaire at said:
> > Kernel Panic : VFS: unable to mount root fs on 03:05 
> Er, that's /dev/hda5. It's not trying to mount the DiskOnChip at all.
> Try append="root=/dev/nftla1" instead of just root=/dev/nftla1
> LILO sucks like that.
> BTW, how many partitions do you have on the DiskOnChip? If 
> only one, why 
> are you wasting space on partitions rather than just using a 
> filesystem on 
> /dev/nftla ?
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> dwmw2

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