_DoC_WaitReady in doc2000.c v1.45

Alexandru Harsanyi a.harsanyi at willhart-tech.com
Mon Sep 3 23:54:56 EDT 2001


I just updated to the latest CVS version of mtd and noticed that my
system got slower. A lot slower: with the 1.43 cvs version of doc2000.c
my system boots in 50 seconds, with the 1.45 version it boots in 2 min
20 sec. I noticed a long delay (the 1 min 30 sec difference) when the
DOC driver initializes between the: "Flash Chip Found: ..."  and "3
flash chips found" messages.

Anyway, after a few experiments with various CVS versions of doc2000.c,
I noticed that the _DoC_WaitReady function is the problem. If I replace
the _DoC_WaitReady from 1.45 with the version from 1.44 it works fine.

I was wondering if anyone has noticed this behaviour, and what were the
reasons to change it.

Just for the records, my kernel version is 2.4.7

Best Regards,

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