Patch: adding mtd support for new machine

Clive Davies cdavies at
Tue Oct 30 10:09:58 EST 2001

I submitted a patch to Russell King to add mtd support for a new mchine type
to his arm linux source tree. He sent me here to discuss:

>- lack of $id$ in the new map driver
>- missing help entry for the new CONFIG_* symbol
>- concerns about overloading the read_oob

The first one I don't really understand, the second I can deal with myself.
For the third, I've used the oob interface to access the protection data in
Intel flash devices. This seemed to me to fit ok as its essentially data
that isn't in the main flash array. 

The patch (against 2.4.13-ac4-rmk1) is attached, any comments would be
gratefully received.

Please cc any replies to me.


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