MTD partitioning rewrite

Jörn Engel joern at
Tue Oct 30 05:49:53 EST 2001


> New version, less FIXME's less TODO's. It is now running on my
> hardware with the rw block driver. Next will be a new physmap
> driver,
> then char, then block_ro.

Two people have downloaded the last version, but noone told me that I
forgot to include mtdblock.c. Well...

Now the char driver and the procfs file are working, too. The physmap
driver *might* be working with multiple devices, it *is* working with
only one. Since this might be a problem with either my code or my
hardware, this is postponed for a while.

I haven't done any tests without devfs support, yet. That should work,
but I haven't even proven it correct.


Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct,
but not tried it.
  -- Donald Knuth

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