/dev/mtdblock acts wrong....

Kim, Sanghun shkim at fdma.snu.ac.kr
Tue Oct 30 00:34:29 EST 2001

when I command "    dd of=/dev/mtdblock0 if=jffs.img"

my linux reports...
ll_rw_block: Trying to read nonexistent block-device 1f:00 (0)
mtdblock0: Input/output error

We have verified functions of nand flash driver(spia.c)
And works well. (read, write, out-of-band read/write)
Still, Ecc does not verify(Errors occured if ECC flag on)

If I want to use JFFS.. Do I need "ECC Flag Activate"?


and JFFS reports 
 *JFFS: Trying to mount device 1f:00.
 *jffs_scan_flash(): start pos = 0x0, end = 0x8388608
 *jffs_scan_flash(): Bad checksum: checksum = 6926185, raw_inode.dchksum =
 *jffs_scan_flash(): Bad checksum: checksum = 3552929, raw_inode.dchksum =
 *jffs_scan_flash(): 0xff at pos 0x49960.
 *jffs_scan_flash(): 0xff ended at pos 0x65536.
 **************** Dirty flash memory or bad inode: hexdump(pos = 0x65536,

How to solve it? 

Please advice ~~

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